Available materials

LOOSE PHOTO: unmounted photograph on glossy photographic paper.

DIBOND PLEXI: photograph mounted on Dibond, protected by Plexiglass.

DIBOND LIQUID GLOSS: photograph mounted on Dibond, protected by a liquid gloss coating.

PIGMENT PRINT ON ALUMINIUM: photography mounted on aluminium, permanently infused beneath the surface of the metal substrate.









DIBOND is the brand name of brushed aluminium composite sheeting. It is lightweight and rigid, it consists of a flexible polyethylene core covered with a thin aluminium sheet on each side and it is finished with a high quality lacquer that guarantees perfect printing.

PLEXIGLASS is a transparent acrylic plastic, which offers the surface protection of the photograph. With an anti-reflective surface that filters 50-75% of UV rays, it is anti-static and scratch resistant. Plexiglass is light and virtually impossible to break.

A LIQUID GLOSS coating consists of a transparent, syrupy two-component epoxy resin. This high-gloss coating protects the colours of the photograph, stops the aging of the materials and prevents stains and scratches. It has a natural augmenting and illuminating quality, making the colours and lines stand out.


A PIGMENT PRINT consists of an image which is first printed onto a transfer paper and is then adhered to pretreated aluminium. The aluminum and transfer paper are placed into a custom heat press, which is heated to temperatures exceeding 380 degrees Fahrenheit. While being subjected to extreme heat and pressure, the dyes from the transfer paper turn into a gas, are pressed into the surface of the metal and then solidify into the treated aluminum. As the dyes cool they are permanently infused beneath the surface of the metal substrate. It provides durable and colourfast hi-definition images with a smooth glass-like luminescent effect.

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